Newsletter - Sent 29th November 2019

Dear Members

One final reminder regarding the new flying CAA flying regulations for model flying.

As mentioned in our previous email below there are in effect two time bound stages:

    1    You need to hold a CAA recognised competency if you wish to fly after the 30th November 2019

    2    You will need to be registered with the CAA as a model flyer and have the appropriate Operator ID by the 31st January 2020

As you know our Club is affiliated to the BMFA and their website is really helpful in understanding the changes and contains clear guidelines regarding the whole process.

You can take their competency test very easily, which satisfies the CAA requirement. Once completed you will be issued with a certificate which you will need to carry with you when flying together with proof of your BMFA membership.

You can subsequently complete the registration process through the BMFA as part of our Club membership renewal application.

Please note there are exemptions from the competency test as set out in the BMFA guide below.

From the 1st December 2019 who is exempt from the test will need to carry a copy of the BMFA exemption certificate(s) with proof of your BMFA membership or at least have copies of them available on your mobile or tablet.

Please see the attached BMFA Competency Exemption Guideline notices.

Good luck with the test if you haven’t already taken it, and safe lawful flying.

We look forward to seeing you all for the AGM and Christmas Social on the 9th December.

Kind regards

HHMFC Committee