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From Axx in May 2020

From Cxx in June 2020

First Impressions…

It’s been around 4 weeks since I joined HHMFC and I’ve only flown at the Shenley site. So far, so very, very good. 

First, the atmosphere: every time I’ve visited the flying field I’ve had a good time – enjoyable flying and great banter. The members I’ve met so far obviously enjoy being at the field and are really nice guys, and this makes for a relaxing and ‘non-cliquey’ atmosphere. Plenty of flying, but also plenty of chat, advice (when needed) and interest in other member’s planes, drones and heli’s. Time really flies when you are there. And the flying doesn’t stop when the sun goes down - Ed and Doug’s night flying show is definitely worth staying for on a Monday night!    

Second, the committee: Ed, Doug, Gary, Howard & Lawrence – welcoming, helpful, super enthusiastic and clearly on a mission to make HHMFC the best it can be for the members. WhatsApp, live streaming to You-Tube, Instagram and the CCTV (handy for seeing who is at the field and how strong the wind is) have all recently been made available.

Finally, the flying field: what a vista and so much sky to fly in! Different wind directions and strengths (it can get a bit blowy), really test your skills. Heli’s, drones and fixed wings large and small, scale, aerobatic and flying wings – there is a real variety which means you can just pull up a chair and be entertained in between flights.

So there you go, my first impressions. I sincerely hope that as a new member you have similar experiences. Happy flying.

"Coming into the hobby as a complete novice the members of HHMFC are more than happy to share their experience and knowledge with everyone.

With each flight I am gaining the confidence to fly on my own.

Eddie and all the members of HHMFC have been extremely welcoming and more than happy to get me started into the hobby.

From choosing my first transmitter and buying my first plane the experience and knowledge HHMFC can provide is the best. Having no RC experience before joining the club every time I fly I’m learning something new and getting more confident.”