Newsletter - Sent 10th January 2019

Dear Members

A very Happy New Year to you all.

Just a few points to bring to your attention as follows:

    •    Most of you will be aware, particularly those of you that were able to attend the recent AGM, that the club membership numbers have gradually declined over the past few years. This obviously has a knock on effect on our balance sheet and if this decline continues the future of our club could sadly come under serious threat. We are taking a number of steps to advertise our club through various social medias, however, you, as the current/recent members, are really key to our continued existence. Please can we therefore urge anyone who has not yet renewed their membership to do so and all of you to please encourage any new members

    •    The simplest way to renew your membership is via our website. On the top right hand corner of the home page is a link to the membership renewal form which can be completed and sent online

    •    As previously advised we are now a BMFA affiliated club and BMFA membership or renewal can be arranged by the HHMFC as part of the membership process. Please be advised that if you renew your membership through the HHMFC you will receive an email from the BMFA asking you to confirm your agreement. Without this agreement your HHMFC membership cannot be renewed. For this reason please be aware that you need to have an email address that is current and used on a regular basis. Please do look out for an email from the BMFA.

    •    Note that in accordance with our new constitution if you do not renew your membership before the end of January a joining fee becomes applicable in addition to the membership/BMFA fees so can we please encourage you to renew as soon as possible and before the end of this month

    •    Please be aware that until you renew your HHMFC membership and are a paid up member of the BMFA you are NOT insured to fly at the HHMFC flying sites

    •    Some of you may have noticed that our web cam pictures are not currently available. Unfortunately our free web hosting has recently been withdrawn but please be assured we are attempting to find a suitable/affordable replacement as soon as possible

That’s all for now. We hope you all agree we have a great club so please do all you can to support and secure our future.

With kind regards

HHMFC Committee